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Senior Vice President and Director of Federal Financial Advisory Services




Current Work Experience

Ms. Timberlake is a Senior Vice President and Director of Federal Financial Advisory Services at The Craddock Group. Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, she brings more than 20 years of federal budget and financial management expertise to the firm. Ms. Timberlake provides subject matter expertise and advises on budget and financial management matters, including support of the Department of Defense’s Military Housing Privatization Initiative and Defense Production Act Title III loan programs.

Prior Work Experience

At the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Ms. Timberlake served for seven years as the Government’s senior career budget official, responsible for all aspects of developing, producing, and tracking Congressional action on the annual President’s Budget, and leading the Budget Review Division in strategic analysis to support decision-making. She was also responsible for government-wide guidance on budget scoring, formulation, and execution; developing and analyzing the impacts of major budget legislation; and partnering with OMB’s M-side to develop and implement government-wide management initiatives. Ms. Timberlake served as the Deputy Assistant Director for Budget, spent nine years as an analyst (including seven as the chief) developing and working with agencies to implement federal lending program policy and budget guidance, and served as the Small Business Administration’s lead examiner. Most recently, she served as HUD’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the agency’s budget, financial reporting, audit remediation, and financial systems functions.


Ms. Timberlake is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University (BA) and the University of Southern California (MPP).

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