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Real Estate Services

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Real Estate Services

  • Due diligence and financial analysis

  • Transaction management

  • Public-private partnership studies and transaction execution

Associated Case Studies

Strategic Program Development and Management, Management and Process Improvement Solutions, Financial Analysis, Training, Transaction Management and Execution

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Enhanced-Use Lease Program Management and Strategic Support

Due Diligence and Financial Analysis, Transaction Management, Public-private Partnership Studies and Transaction Execution, Management and Process Improvement Solutions

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Technical, Analytic and Transaction Services for Enhanced-Use Lease Projects in West Los Angeles, CA

Facility Planning, Space and Equipment Planning, Due Diligence and Financial Analysis, Strategic Program Development and Management

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office (VACO)

Strategic Portfolio Optimization, Lease Consolidation, and Space Planning, in the District of Columbia (DC)


Our team members have supported transaction execution and portfolio and asset management efforts associated with military family housing privatization, in addition to performing real estate project due diligence, site analyses, market surveys and demographic studies to evaluate development opportunities nationwide. 

Our team members’ experience also includes assistance with negotiations, transaction documents and project management in execution of Enhanced-Use Leases (EULs) across the country for the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

The Craddock Group specializes in capital planning and maximizing the value of real property. Our team can assess real property, both individual assets and entire portfolios, to identify the most effective use of space, develop comprehensive re-investment strategies, and help the government reposition underutilized assets.

Members of our team have led the development and implementation of strategic capital planning and public-private real estate solutions for multiple federal agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs, Defense, Energy and Transportation and the General Services Administration, among others. 

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