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Senior Analyst




Current Work Experience

Mr. Gerig is a Senior Analyst at The Craddock Group and is based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is currently supporting the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) with its capital programs by collecting and analyzing data, researching policies and best practices, and creating presentation materials for senior leadership and stakeholders.

Prior Work Experience

Prior to his role at The Craddock Group, Mr. Gerig served as a Senior Financial Analyst at Amtrak. His work involved creating business cases on major capital projects, developing Tableau dashboards to automate financial reporting processes, and building labor and fuel cost estimating models. In addition, he traveled the entire 21,000-mile Amtrak national network during his tenure with the company. Prior to this position, Mr. Gerig served as an intern for three Amtrak departments and interned for WMATA.


Mr. Gerig is a graduate of American University (BS) and The University of Maryland (MS).

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