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Current Work Experience

Mr. Bertini is an Associate at The Craddock Group and is based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is currently supporting the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with their capital planning, including data collection, analysis of VA capital investment projects, and research on federal budgetary and financial controls.

Prior Work Experience

Prior to his role at The Craddock Group, Mr. Bertini worked as a Ph.D. candidate in applied medical physics. His work involved the development of new methodologies to assess stroke risk using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). His other responsibilities included writing scientific publications and grants, presenting research at conferences, teaching, and mentoring. Before entering academia, Mr. Bertini worked at Two Six Technologies, where he supported a Department of Defense contract aimed at developing a comprehensive cybersecurity platform for U.S. Cyber Command. In this role, Mr. Bertini contributed to the technical development of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms for database management.


Mr. Bertini is a graduate of Davidson College (BS) and The University of Chicago (MS).

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